The world needs more anti-ISIS Bangers


The rise of ISIS over the past two years has been unprecedented, mainly due to their ability to lure young people to the jihad using social media, high quality videos and, worst of all, some real banging tracks. Like straight ragers.

The reason we are falling behind in this fight is not our lack of air support, or a divided opposition on the ground. In fact, its is that ISIS is putting out some hip songs about the evils of the West, and the glory of serving the Prophet through Jihad, we aren’t giving our disenfranchised youth any songs to get them on our team. Why aren’t the clubs bumpin with the sweet praises of capitalism, women’s rights, and debt?

We need to assemble our finest songwriters, producers, and recording artists.Well – today is your lucky day! What, you didn’t ask for the perfect song? TOO BAD.Cuz we got a ripe, juicy track for you to sink your ear teeth into. So have it, Timbaland and The Dream, cue up some hype beats and pass it off to Jeezy, Yeezy, Weezy, Weezer, RiRi, J.Biebs, J. Cole, J. Jonah Jameson and his Janglers, and Dave Matthews. Or, if it sucks, Macklemore.

Anyways, pls etransfer royalties to


Song Title: The Kill of Love

[Intro: acoustic guitar and trap beat]

Verse 1:


Mic Check one two one two


Yeah, wassup


So you fools think you got/ a caliphate/ but we still up in the club/ gettin lit

With dis beat/ that like bombs we be droppin/ we don’t need to burn villages/ instead we be shopping

come on girl/drop that booty to tha floor/ voting is a right/ worth fighting for/ ugh get down

Captitalism/ is the best system / i got so many hoes, son/ can’t even list em


Seventy-two virgins can’t add up/ to the size of our dope hoes’ buttz

Take your oil / take your AK’s/ your fashion can’t touch / what’s made by our gays

You think you got tracks / You think you drop fire?/ Our smart bombs make/ your ass perspire

Your improv sucks/ your backpacks blow/ your hate can’t touch/ our stellar flow


We got weed (yeah), we got motherfuckin’ weed (dope)

We got booze and get rude and ski some slopes

You can shoot up the dessert, but we shoot up better (Vancouver)

We ride together like birds of a feather

Wherever, nothin’ better, write open letters, break from the fetters, fuck your headline-getters, you blow up like a toddler in a tantrum in a store

We shut you all down, we can bring it some more,

Fourscore and fifty-two we throw that shit around

Your salaries got cut and you live under mounds,

Did I say live? Motherfucker I meant die,

Your graves won’t save your excuse for your pride

No lie, we are fire from the sky, don’t try

One day maybe you’ll realize.


Sung Interlude Chorus Thing (Fergie and children’s choir)



We shouldn’t kill each other

But you’re being jerks

So we’re gonna kill each other

But we’re gonna kill you

Better than you kill us

The kill of lovvvvveeeeeee


(Macklemore verse)

Guys, why can’t we just love each other

Just hug and stuff and make ourselves feel better

Like Seattle, where things are pretty chill

Peace between faiths is the only kind of thrill

You need

So we gotta keep hanging on