Things Non-Engineers Need To Do To Get To Sci’ Formal


The annual Engineering Science Formal was this past weekend, and although it is the engineer prom, as usual it was overrun with people from other faculties. For all those non-engineers, it’s not as easy as you think to get a coveted ticket to wait in line for 3 hours and spend 30 minutes in Grant Hall.

First of all, it is a hunger games style-problem to get a ticket, where guests must enter a lottery to get chosen as tribute to participate in the event. It is a large honour to be chosen, as you get to be part of the 17.6% exactly (we did the math) of non-engineers present at the event. We also determined that of that 17.6%, only 2% actually make it into the room. In a 200 year old building full of engineers, only the strong survive. I had journeyed to the tea room like a Tibetan Monk looking for answers, but I didn’t have any luck, so I unfortunately had to go and socialize at the actual event. It wasn’t hard to pick out the non-engineers, I just asked anyone not wearing a GPA what they did to get into the event.

“I knew right when I got into Queen’s in first year that I wanted to go to sci formal so I agreed to do XXX in first year and have been milking it till now” – Astrophysics major.

“I showed up to enough engineering classes to convince the entire year that I was one of them. I currently have a job lined up with the FBI to work as an undercover agent when I graduate” – over confident method actor, Drama major.

“I avoided paying the 150 dollars for a ticket by convincing commerce frosh that they would get 5% added to their grade for every dollar they invested in my kickstarter campaign” – Commerce TA.

“Told 15 eng frosh they each had to do one hour of volunteer work for to get their GPA’s, but only if they went as me” – Con. Ed, practicing letting the children do their work for them.

“I camped out in the ilc for 5 straight days to protest the waste of wood in the construction of the stage, but some sleep deprived engineer bought me a ticket at 2am so i said yes” – Environmental Science major.

“I bought a large overcoat and let an actual engineer go on my shoulders”- Phe-Kin in bulking season.

“Just kept repeating the phrase “matlab was so hard this week’ until someone who was desperate for a date asked me because they assumed I was an engineer’- Fine Arts major.

“Told an engineer they could be my token engineer running mate in the next AMS election if they took me as their date”- third year Politics major.

“I’m actually just dating an engineer”- the only person in a mixed relationship.

*cannot confirm accuracy of statistics in article