Things to do during Sci-Formal Hours


Unless you managed to get a hour reduction by having a part-time job or being friends with someone important, you’ve got to put in 40 hours toward construction for Sci-Formal. You could always apply for an hours reduction by making up a fake job, but it’s easier to just follow the advice below to make the most of your indentured servitude.
1) Do Homework. There are tons of empty rooms on site that you can hide in and get homework done for those shitty electives you forgot to take until 4th year. There may not be internet but that’ll just make sure you don’t waste time on Reddit or Pornhub.
2) Sneak out. Though you are North of Princess, way north, some of the more basic comforts of industrial civilizations are available. You can get a haircut for $9 and it’s only a thirty second walk away from the site. Also theres a Tim’s about a four minute walk west along the road for your coffee breaks.
3) Play with the hammers. The Sci-Formal workshop has a clear excess of tools (mostly the managers), so there are also tons of hammers. There are more than twenty hammers in the tool room and no one needs any of them most the time. The temptation is almost too big to resist becoming your own version of Wolverine…
4) Get an easy job. The easiest thing to do is get a job that requires next to no work. The two best options are the sign in/out person and the shuttle driver to the warehouse. The shuttle driver has to make a ten minute round trip once every half hour so that’s twenty minutes where you’re not doing shit. While on your twenty minute break, feel free to assure those on Facebook that you’ll be back soon for them as they waste 30 minutes in the ILC waiting for your lazy ass.
5) Play with the Sledgehammer! For no apparent reason there’s a sledgehammer in the tool room. So if you have to use a hammer, why not use a sledgehammer?
6) Actually contribute. Though this isn’t recommended, you should feel welcome in building, painting, stenciling, etc. while at the warehouse. However, don’t expect to get much done, as there will be expect frequent disruptions from the managers who will claim you are doing something wrong. Don’t bother listening, most of them are idiots.
7) Play God. Take a cue from those running Sci-Formal and pretend to be a god above men. Doing nothing and vaguely explaining what you want to do are prerequisites for this option. By doing these two things, people will automatically assume you are in control. Be mindful of whom you try this around, as the heads of Sci-Formal can see through your imitation of them and will not be pleased….
8) Buy out your hours. Buying out an hour at the warehouse costs ten dollars. That’s less than minimum wage, and to be honest, the amount of work done in an hour at the warehouse isn’t worth minimum wage.