Things you could do with $80 000


Here at Golden Words we are all recovering from Sci Formal. Although we had an amazing time, and the poutine and mini cheeseburgers were much appreciated, we have compiled a list of things that could have been accomplished with the Sci Formal budget instead of the actual event:

  • Buy a small house – no more dealing with crappy landlords if you are your own landlord
  • Buy 16 000 hot and ready pizzas – you would never run out of pizza ever again
  • Buy 106 16GB Iphone 6’s – enough to attract 106 basic bitches (see back cover)
  • Buy 50,000 Large Tim Horton’s coffees – enough to get you through your undergrad
  • Buy 2 BMW 2 Series Coupe with $8000 of upgrades
  • Buy 1397 60s’ of Smirnoff vodka – you could throw one awesome university wide party… oh wait
  • Your entire house could graduate debt free
  • Bail all your friends out of jail on reading week
  • Travel around the world for a year… twice
  • Turn your ghetto house into the house from UP and fly it around the world
  • Go on the Queen’s Grad Trip 43 times – or a regular grad trip 69 times

How about the equivalent work for all the mandatory volunteer hours?

Lets assume we have 600 Engineers *40 Hours + 100 Dates *15 = 25,500 Hours

  • 1063 Days, 2.8 Years

  • 91,800,000 Seconds

  • 1.5 Orbital years of Mars

  • 0.25 Orbital years for Jupiter

  • From this date it takes us to 2017, thats like a whole nother degree

  • 0.55 half lifes of Cobalt-60

  • Master two and a half skills

  • Complete 700 Arts degrees

  • Go through puberty

  • Outlive a hamster

  • Marry and divorce Kim Kardashian 15 times

  • Listen to T-Swift’s new Album “1989” 31,442.63 times