Top 10 Highlights from Sci Formal

  1. The shitty DJ music… Just kidding… but seriously it was awful

  2. Going stag and watching all the couples yell at each other and girls running away crying and feeling really glad I didn’t have to deal with that bullshit

  3. Asking the bartender for a shot of gin and having them tell you they can’t do shots… So asking for an ounce of gin and 50ml of sprite, she then fills the cup ¾ up with gin and the rest with ice… needless to say it was a good night

  4. Dancing… So much fucking dancing…

  5. The associated sweating that came from dancing, I wore a three piece suit and my jacket was covered with sweat… My JACKET

  6. Taking enough selfies for my next 30 profile pictures as well as giving me tons of pictures to put on my tinder of me looking damn sexy. Single and willing ladies 😉

  7. Finding the shitty mural I made in Kingston Hall and pointing out all the places I fucked it up

  8. Getting stuck in Kingston for 3 hours. Never fucking leave Grant frosh, just don’t do it

  9. Not getting kicked out by Stucons, seriously, with how fucked I was that’s an accomplishment

  10. Metal Jesus wearing a top hat