Top 10 Homecoming Headlines That Don’t Require Further Explanation


1) Puking in your crush’s mouth will definitely make him buy you a fancy dinner

2) Live Now!: Watch your rich friends do lines of cocaine off of a $300 thermodynamics textbook while alumni look on in the background semi-disapprovingly, semi-nostalgically

3) Are you in Eng if you don’t wear your GPA on Homecuming? And other EngSoc rules

4) How to deal with that booty call at 3pm (The answer will shock you!)

5) 23 Types of Girls and their Dads You Will Find on Aberdeen this Homecuming

6) How to write the the most unique caption for your Homecuming Instagram that will definitely get you more likes than Rachel

7) Totalled or Not? Play our Homecoming car flip quiz now!

8) DIY: Repurpose your Homecuming socks into something you can cum in at home.

9) Watch: Blonde girl wandering the ghetto tries really hard not to cry on the phone when asking her friends where they are.

10) Exclusive Interview: Golden Words catches up with that fourth year who has worn her tam to every Homecuming she has attended (which is only two because she was really busy in second and third year)