Top 6 Most Hated People In The World 2015/2016 (Number 4 will leave you speechless)


Just like every year there always manages to be some scum pop up in the news. This article is dedicated to them.

Martin Shkreli

This mah-fucka bought a drug company and raised the price of a drug 5,556% from $13.50 to $750. The drug helps people who are susceptible to sickness caused by polluted water or undercooked meat, mainly people who have HIV and Cancer. What a total dickhead, of course people freaked and he became the most hated man in America for a time being. He was interviewed by many national news networks and when he was questioned why he was such a stupid fuck, and he replied with basically other drug companies are doing it and he was the hero of drug companies for keeping his drug so inexpensive compared to other companies. If you watch any interviews with this guy you will find out for your self what an arrogant, rich douche-bag. Last anyone heard of him he bought the only copy of a Wu-Tang Clan album and hasn’t listened to it yet because he bought it just as a conversation piece, although who in their right mind would want to talk to this guy, ever.

Who ever is responsible for continuing to put out the Queen’s Journal

Some traditions just need end.

Zookeeper that killed Harambe

On may 28, 2016 a symbol of hope for the American people, some people may even say the world. However, on this day a mother left her 3 year old unattended, who then fell 10 ft into Harambe’s enclosure. For 10 minutes Harambe was curious about his new-found friend and playfully holding him. On lookers screamed in horror, then a zookeeper shot him. The world stood silent for a moment. And we lost another beacon of hope. It shocked the world, even Donald Trump was quoted as saying “I wish there was another way”. Then Memes took over and conspiracy theories ran rampant, regardless the guy who shot our Prince, rest his soul, is the worst.


We all know a guy name Kevin and he’s a dick, Fuck you Kevin.

Ethan Couch

Was a teen who killed four others in a drunk driving incident in 2013, while in court for four counts of intoxicated manslaughter, he pleaded that he had affluenza and got off with 10 years of probation which was a lenient sentence. The story ends in sort of a good way when in 2015 his probation officer couldn’t contact him since he fled to Mexico with his mother, he was captured in December and was sentence to 2 years in Prison. So this guy did get jail time but not much, and it was only for not keeping up with his probation officer. So fuck this guy, and fuck drunk drivers, we at Golden words are completely against Drunk Driving, and you should be too.

Kim Davis

A county clerk in Kentucky defied the US federal court by not handing out marriage certificates to gay couples, claiming she was under God’s authority. Total dick move. Even though you might not agree with it on a personal level you need to follow rules put in place by the government. Just because you disagree with same sex marriage something doesn’t mean people who agree with it should be punished or restricted from getting married. You can advocate against it all you want but you still need to do your job. Kim got some fired up about this that she appealed a lawsuit against her to the US Supreme Court after being jailed for 5 days for contempt. She lost the appeal (obviously), so let it be, and move on with your life, let the everyone get married, there’s bigger fish to fry.