Top 7 Reasons You’re Totally Okay



You’re fine, you’re handling the end of the term perfectly and everybody else just doesn’t understand.

  1. Stress is natural and being stressed about stress makes sense. If you weren’t stressed about the stress your stress is causing, there would be a problem.
  2. There ARE voices coming from the walls. Don’t you worry. Everyone else isn’t special enough to be spoken to. They will guide you to final exam success.
  3. Coffee is good, coffee is awesome. Having a shrine to coffee in your room is completely reasonable. Those who dismiss coffee will not be taken to the glory land.
  4. Sleep isn’t necessary. When people say that you can sleep when you’re dead, they were being 100% honest. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Sleep is a weakness that you don’t have.
  5. Not showering is fine. It takes time that you could spend studying! Studying is way more important than personal hygiene.
  6. Turning your room into a private lair where as many notes are posted on all of the walls as a mad scientist’s brainstorming room is natural. Anyone who doesn’t will likely fail.
  7. Not leaving your room except for exams or the library is a prudent life choice. You’re not being too extreme.