Top 8 Most Useless University Majors


Golden Words has compiled a list of the most useless and unemployable majors offered at Queen’s University. Do not waste your time studying these topics, unless you intend on becoming a broke loser with an STI.
Commerce – There will be no societal need for commerce graduates when the 99% rise up and smash all imperialist pigs. Consider studying Mao’s red book for a more applicable business education.
Computer Science – If Y2K and the death of Steve Jobs has taught us anything, there is no future to be had in the useless gadgets these pitiful people create.
Chemical Engineering – You don’t need a full degree to cook crystal meth. Drop out after second year and you should know enough to get started.
Medicine – Thanks to anti-vaccers , it is common knowledge that modern medicine is a lie and socialized healthcare is a huge government plot to give children autism. Anyone who thought they wanted to become a doctor should probably just take HLTH 102 and become a homeopathic healer instead.
Music – All worthwhile modern music is created by teenagers in their bedrooms who press buttons on their laptops. Forget Bach and Beethoven; music majors need to drop out, buy a MIDI mixer, and drop the bass until they become the next Martin Garrix.
Film and Media Studies – Thanks to Vine and Instagram, everyone with a smartphone can do whatever it is these majors are trying to do with their lives.
History – History textbooks are lies created by the 1% to control the sheep inhabiting our society. Open your eyes and research REAL history.  DO NOT waste your time getting a bachelor’s degree from an Illuminati controlled university (such as Queen’s). Instead, put on your tinfoil hat and spend 4+ years watching the History Channel, which has boldly been airing the truth about ancient aliens, UFO hunters, mermaids, and the Nostradamus predictions for years.
Mathematics – If God had intended us to know Satanic things such as Y = mX+b and A2+B2 = C2, he would have written them down in the Bible.