Top 8 Pornhub Insights

  1. “Big Tits” is searched on average 5.5 times more often than “Small Tits”, while “Natural” is four times more popular of a search term than “Fake”.
  2. “As with other major events, the Pornhub statisticians already discovered that 2014 World Cup games had a significant effect on traffic to our site. Whenever a match took place, the number of visits to Pornhub would drop, particularly from the countries playing in that game.”
  3. 30% of Pornhub users spell Colombia incorrectly as Columbia.
  4. Scotland says ‘no thanks’ to porn (during last hour of referendum vote) – “Once the polls closed at 10 in Scotland, we noticed significant spikes in traffic, reaching as high as a 32% increase at 3 am. No doubt, tensions were rising high and the stress-relieving powers of Pornhub were necessarily called upon while Scotland waited for the final vote count to be announced.”
  5. “Unbelievably we do still have daily visitors from IE 5 looking for a porn fix.”
  6. Russia is top on the list for Ass & Anal searches for countries the U.S. has gone to war with.
  7. “We can say with 99% confidence the hypothesis that the per capita porn consumption of democratic states is higher than the republican states.”
  8. In Canada, “the terms Quebec and French are pretty much only popular in Quebec.”