Top Greasepole Chants


1. Frosh Aren’t People
A classic, going back to the very first Pole Climb in 1965. Frosh have come a long way in 50 years, but they still aren’t people.

2. Frosh Have Ebola
Scientifically proven. Chem Eng students took blood samples of Frosh while they were passed out on University Ave, and they do indeed have Ebola.

3. Frosh Vote Harper
Stop ruining our country Frosh.

4. Frosh are ISIS
Yep, they have infiltrated Queen’s in the form of Frosh. 

5. Dildo, Dildo
Because dildos are funny.

6. Penis Vagina, Penis Vagina
Penises and vaginas are also funny.

7. J J J J J J J, J J J J J J J (Sung to the tune of Alphabet song) 
It comes after “I” Frosh. You’ll get to know this letter real well after your exams.

8. Frosh Can’t Get Hard
True, you try standing in the pit water for 2 hours. It’s shrink city out there.

9. Frosh Blow Goats
Multiple reports have come from local farmers stated that their goats have been blown, and there have been sightings of bald-headed beings dressed in purple running away.

10. Frosh are Adopted
Only six weeks until Newstead gives up on them too.

11. Fuck You Sarah
Seriously, go fuck yourself Sarah.

12. Frosh Need Potassium (from people in banana suits)
KGH has confirmed that Frosh are dangerously low on many vitamins and minerals.

13. Frosh Can’t Parallel Park
Kingston Police has confirmed 90% of parking violations are committed by Frosh.

14. Tits Out for the Pope
It’s refreshing to see religion bringing people together isn’t it?