Top Ten Funny Things to Say Now That The AMS is ANUS

alma neuter undergraduate society.jpg
  1. “I really want to get involved with our ANUS, I’ve done some other things around campus, but our ANUS just looks like tons of fun”
  2. “Did you go to the meeting last night? I was doing ANUS stuff for 4 hours”
  3. “Top positions in our ANUS”
  4. “The community outreach program was really impressed with the ANUS’s control”
  5. “Our ANUS has over 20000 members”
  6. “The work done by the ANUS over the last couple years has been really improving”
  7. “Sometimes I wish our ANUS was a little more selective of who it lets in”
  8. “I would love to see more of a presence of the ANUS on campus”
  9. “The SHRC is announcing a new campaign with the ANUS”
  1. “I never thought I’d get involved with the ANUS when I came to Queens, but now that I have it’s so much fun I just can’t stop”