Top Ten USAT Comments

  1. You rock! Don’t ever change <3!!!!
  2. You really talked to me on an emotional level and I really appreciated your honesty, but this has to end, I don’t see a future here.
  3. You son of a bitch! You asked me for a pen in week four for a demonstration and you never gave it back! Rot in Hell, asshole!
  4. 10/10 would bang, call me at 613-445-1234
  5. Could have used more parabolas.
  6. All right, though during that one lesson on general relativity we got sucked into a wormhole and transported against the fabric of time to another dimension. Which kind of blows ‘cause I had a midterm right afterward that and I missed it.
  7. 0/10 – not portrayed by Morgan Freeman
  8. I can’t wait to do it all again next year!
  9. Abstain
  10. Yes…oh wait, thats for the referendum…fuck school is hard