Types of Shitty Roommates


Unless you can afford the hermit life of solitude and ordering groceries off the internet that we all dream of, you will probably have to live with roommates at one point or another. In every case they will do shit that will piss you off. Here is my current list of the most shitty/crap roommates you can have and the crap that they do:

1. The Noisy Ones

And, in my opinion the, most annoying ones. Pretty self explanatory, they are the ones that make noise. A lot of it. These unfortunately are pretty usually divided into two groups: the incessant and the ill timed.

    The incessant will make some form of noise during every waking hour they are in the house, and sometimes even when they are ‘sleeping’. At first you think you can live with it, but what ever noise they make will slowly drive you insane until you begin lashing out at anyone else who makes a similar sound.

    The ill timed will turn on the TV as loud as it goes as soon as your head hits the pillow for a nap, or similarly will blast music all night right before your biggest midterm .


2. The Obsessively Clean Ones

    These are often less irritating than more, being that you will never have to clean the bathroom, for example, because you will never clean it quite up to their ridiculous standards. Their main con is that you will always be reprimanded because your room does not match the cleanliness of theirs.


3. The Disgustingly Unclean Ones

    Pretty much the exact opposite of the previous. Their dishes will begin forming new colonies from how long they have been sitting out, and their room will always have this very distinct unpleasant smell, that lingers everywhere.


4. The Always There

    Sometimes you want the house to yourself, pull some Risky Business and run around with no pants on but someone never leaves the bloody living room and keeps getting weird suggestions on your Netflix account. No I don’t want to watch Mike Tyson Mysteries, thanks for the recommendation though.


This is not the limit of irritating roommates, these are just the ones I have encountered. Honourable mentions go to: The One That Always Comes Home Drunk, The One Who Leaves Every Light On Even In The Middle Of The Day, and The Roommate You Didnt Even Realise You Had.