Voting for New Faculty Mascots


We at Golden Words feel that every faculty society at Queen’s deserves their own mascot in addition to Boohoo the Absent Bear. Some faculties societies are not represented here because they are lame fucks. Like commerce, who declined to be included in the vote, since they “already worship the Golden Calf, the most high and holy of all ruminantes, who has created us in his image.” For the other ones, we are putting it to a vote:



  • Dumbledore’s Phoenix, Fawks
  • The ILC dog, as proposed by Delly
  • Macklemore’s horse, Tyronne
  • Penguin (from Batman, not an actual penguin)



  • Squirrel (sciuridae campusiae)
  • A Canada Goose
  • The Starbucks Mermaid
  • A Macintosh Apple



  • Cody the Monkey
  • Super Mario

Don’t forget to vote this Tuesday and Wednesday, online and in your underpants. All votes should be directed to All late votes can be handed in person to either C, B, or W during their new office hours in the JDUC (which are never, because who needs student input?)