War Ensues Between the Upstairs and Downstairs Tenant in the Battle for a Hot Water Shower

Showering guy

KINGSTON, ON – Simultaneously preparing for their upcoming 8:30 lecture, downstairs tenant Mark Estran declared war against upstairs tenant Jake Richards over the right to have a hot water shower. Although rushing water was audible from the upstairs bathroom prior to Mark’s undressing in the bathroom, Mark denied to alter his morning schedule by proceeding to turn the plastic knobs overhanging his bathtub. Initiating the battle, Mark tactically over rotated his hot water handle, metaphorically surging Jake’s castle gates with brute force. Quickly responding with a counter-attack, Jake completely turned off his cold-water intake so that the he could only receive hot water. “HA! IDIOT,” could be heard from outside the first story bathroom window as Mark realized his opponents mistake, and turned off his hot water intake, reveling in the screams heard above. Synced to the finish in their morning routine, the two sides were seen walking out of the building in awkward silence where neither acknowledged the recent bloodbath. “I’m usually pretty quick in the shower. It took me longer to get ready today because whenever the shower got cold I would just wait it out on the other edge of the tub. I mean I do want to make my 8:30 but I’ll be damned if I take a cold-water shower in the fucking winter,” said Mark, speaking rapidly as he galloped towards his 8:30. At press time, Mark’s housemate Nick Hotina noted that there was not enough hot water left in the tank for him, and he subsequently decided to skip his 9:30, 10:30, and 2:30 lectures.