What Are You Doing After You Graduate? A Lecture from My Dad So You Don’t Need To Call Home This Week


All right honey, it’s the middle of the week- the perfect time to discuss what your plans are when you graduate. Your mother and I are just concerned about the direction you’re headed in- not that we don’t trust you to make this decision- just that this is a realllllllly big adult choice and we just want what’s best for you. So what are your plans?

Have you been job hunting? What’s the job market like? Do your friends have jobs? Are you sure? Have you asked them? OK- well start asking them. It’s always good to know what the peers are doing. Keep your head down, but also look around for the opportunities. The culture of opportunities is that you have to look for them. But don’t be too desperate- companies can smell it on you. I know- I’m in business, I have a job, I get how these things work. I know- I know you have had summer jobs. I am so proud of your summer jobs, that was some real great big adult momenting that you did. Your mother and I are so incredibly proud of you. We really really are, and you’re so independent and we love that about you. But- but- we reallllllly want you to think about this. This is- you know- your life and it is a BIG BIG choice and we really just want the best for you.

So- what happens if you don’t get a job? Will you come home? Your mother and I, we would be so sad for you if you didn’t get a job, because we know you have worked so hard for this, but obviously we would love you have you at home. We love you so much, and this is when you start to leave the nest, but a little more time at home never hurt anyone? But don’t stay too long- your mother and I are planning on sailing the Mediterranean when your youngest brother eventually finishes university. It’s something we have been dreaming about since you were 13 and we weren’t really sure if we liked you as a child anymore. What a wild ride being your parent has been.

OK- besides coming home, have you looked into a Masters? How’s that? We know your grades aren’t your strong point, but engineering is really hard and we totally get why your GPA is low. Everyone’s is probably low right? We’re so proud of your degree, but maybe try to get a leg up. I hear there are a lot of male professors in school. Maybe use your gender to your advantage? Don’t do anything wild, but use your strengths to earn you opportunities. If you have a chance, take it. I don’t care what you study, but your mother and I would be happy to fill out another 2 years of OSAP forms for you. We do this because we love you.

Thanks for answering the phone this week! We just love you, can’t wait to talk next week!!