When In Doubt Pick “C”: A Rant on Clickers


Visiting the bookstore is a horrifying experience. You can practically feel your wallet retreating into the deepest recesses of your pocket as it shivers and sobs in anticipation of being brutally and mercilessly gutted of its vital organs. The store has become a slaughterhouse for pocketbooks, its textbooks and download codes the executioners.And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I encountered the clicker.
For those who are unaware, a clicker is a small remote-like device with five buttons used for answering multiple choice questions in class. Now before you fall backwards off of your bed or trip over a ladybug and spill your four piece all over the sidewalk in shock, I encourage you to find a comfortable spot to sit down, something with head support to avoid concussion from any involuntary convulsions that occur as a result of the following figure; It’s $50. 
There are two reasons why this is an apocalyptic load of horse feces, and I’ll handle them in order.
The first involves throwing a lot of numbers at you, and I welcome any attempt to catch them in an effort to cut down on those 150 minutes of activity per week.
To use first year engineering as a benchmark, clicker marks are worth 5% of your grade. It doesn’t matter what you answer or how wrong your answer inevitably turns out to be, that 5% is free as long as you buy the clicker and participate in the questions.Mathematically, this works out that if one could use clicker marks to make up their ENTIRE course grade, it would cost $1000 per course to get 100% in the class for doing nothing other than attending the lectures.This gets even more outrageous when you realize that if you multiply that through the thirteen courses engineers have in first year, it comes to a grand total of $13 000.
For perspective, tuition for engineering is $12 993. That means that by paying a mere $7 more than current tuition, you effectively buy a perfect grade in all of your courses without doing any work at all. Secondly, not only does the existence of clickers break the entire university system, but they are totally unnecessary. There are a handful of online programs that link to cell phones and do the exact same question/answer processing, and link each answer to each person in the same way a clicker does. And they’re all free.
In essence, clickers are masochistic harbingers of destruction, the Führer leading the charge in the Wallet Genocide of 2015, the insufferable bastards who make university pay to win.
And NOBODY Likes pay to win.