White Girl Learns How to Even


“Everything makes so much sense now!”

After a short experimental workshop, Michayla (Pronounced Mickayla) was thrilled to find out that she could now ‘even.’
“Before, life seemed so overwhelming, just like people, they would do things that were totally not like, kosher, you know? Now, I kind of get that some people are not like super excited about Starbucks, and I’m starting to realize that it’s weird that I try to avoid sugar but ask for extra pumps of pumpkin spice in my lattes.”
Some would be concerned about life being mundane after learning how to even, but Michayla reports that it hasn’t diminished her quality of life, and may have even improved it. Of course, there are downsides.
“I look at my Canada Goose Jacket, and I just can’t…”, she catches herself, and adds, “I just can’t believe that I used to get so excited that they had a new colour.”
Since studies have shown that displaying an emotional reaction can actually encourage the related emotion, e.g. standing in a confident position actually increases confidence.
“I’m a lot less excited, it’s almost as if I’m a little lost at times.” Michayla reports. “But I also see the world in a different way. It’s like I’m learning all about all sorts of things that are legitimately exciting, and in some of those instances I allow myself to not be able to even, like if I’m at a truly moving concert.”
She’s not concerned that occasional inability to even will cause her to relapse. “Sometimes you need to be overwhelmed and can’t even is a great way to express that.”
She further reports that her friends look at her differently now. “They’re a little uncomfortable because I’m less predictable and mutual freakouts over Hunter boots, iPhones, and lulu’s. But they’re still my friends and they’re learning to take my lifestyle changes in stride.”
Further workshops in being able to even will continue to be offered.