Why Every Girl Should Own A Hillary Clinton Pantsuit


The American election has taken over everything. From memes to news to Saturday Night Live, who will probably go into shock when they have to actually start writing sketches again. Unfortunately the election season is almost over, but the Hillary pantsuit will never die. Here are the reasons why every girl should own their own signature Hillary Clinton pantsuit.

Automatically earns you your own private email server

Wait all I need to do is get an uncrackable email server is buy a pantsuit? Sign me up. Who need a queensu server when I can have my own server. It also means that you can send untraceable emails to whoever you want, so all your deepest darkest secrets can be shared with friends and not worry about the creeper in the corner listening in on your conversations.

Makes even the smallest people seem semi intimidating

Hilary is 5’5, the average height for a women, but standing beside Trump she looks like a small spud beside a fully grown (rotten) sweet potato. The pantsuit allows you to be semi-intimidating, because everyone know the less skin you show the more powerful you become. The intimidation factor for women is solely affected by the manliness of your pantsuit, so all us girls need one to level up beside the 6’3 sweet potatoes in our lives.

Let the human imagination explore the possibilities of what is hiding underneath.

With the pantsuit covering everything possible, it leaves room for the human imagination to decide what’s hiding underneath. For example, I predict that Hillary is hiding those emails in those pantsuits along with the battery pack and antenna she requires to act human. As a girl in a conservative pantsuit, it fools even the sharpest eyes. Am I hiding my lizard tail, or the secret to Kardashian wealth? Who knows the pantsuit will never tell!

Highlights the cankle cleavage

The pantsuit highlights very few aspects of the female body, the face, hand and the occasional scandalous necks. But most importantly is accentuates the ever sexual cankle cleavage. This means that it is a non-offensive outfit so you can talk to anyone without worrying about what you are wearing. And those people who just love the scandalous outfits, the cankle cleavage will satisfy your every need!

Melania Trump has now started wearing one

If Melania Trump, the ultimate bandwagoner, has started wearing one, all us other women need should have one too. She wore one to the debate to take eyes off how badly her husband was losing, so if you have something you’re embarrassed about that you don’t want people to notice, wear a pantsuit, it will solve all your problems.

Why do you need a reason?

You don’t need a reason to wear a pantsuit, wear one if you want, or don’t, you do you.