Why I Decided to Publish an Editorial About Free Speech Being Dead in My Own Newspaper


Finally, after a summer of brutal news about oppression, protest, violence, and general political shitstorms, I’ve come to a crucial conclusion: freedom of speech is dead. It is a tragic thing to admit, but it needs to be said. But how do I convey my frustration at the idea that free speech is lost to society? The simple solution is to publish my manifesto in the newspaper for which I edit. Hell, maybe I’ll upload my word puke to the internet as well. It’s a brilliant plan! I just feel that if there is one thing students need to know going into the 2017-2018 year, it’s that free speech is a goner. And if people need to know, it is my duty as a “journalist” to deliver the information they need, by whatever means necessary.

The news is one of the greatest facets of Western society. I have the ability to inform people about what is happening in the world around me, freely. Essentially, news media is the single most efficient way to inform society about the death of my ability to inform society through news media. If you’re confused right now, good. You should be. The entire concept of freedom of speech suddenly dying is confusing, and painful to witness. But the death of free speech is definitely, 100% happening right now.

How did we get here? How did free speech suddenly become an endangered species, forced to fuck in zoo enclosures? Why do I feel freedom of speech is in so much trouble? These are all valid questions that I won’t answer. My job isn’t to answer questions, but rather to freak the fuck out with big headlines and grand concepts. If taking advantage of freedom of speech to decry the downfall of freedom of speech is my purpose here, then what better way to do it than through sheer sensationalism?  My purpose here is not to look at the “how” and “why” of free speech and its tragic demise, but rather to shout about it! Shouting is one of the most powerful methods of utilizing free speech, and I’m using it now to talk about why free speech is dying! Yeah, baby! Preach it!

The real meat and potatoes of this editorial is to look at why Golden Words is a great outlet for this sort of complaint. As the editor of one of Queen’s University’s largest publications, I can reach out to so many people with my words. I have so much power at my fingertips to communicate with a large community of people; and communication is everything. It makes me proud to know that I choose right, and use my paper to write about something as important to society as the death of free speech.

At the end of the day, freedom of speech is dead, may it rest in peace. My editorial has clearly and succinctly proven, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is a thing that is happening. If you take away one thing from this editorial, it should be that it was necessary to write an editorial about this controversial topic.

-Sam Goldstein