Wikipedia University


It appears that all those annoying pleas at the top of the page asking for money have payed off, as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales announced Friday that the website would be opening the doors of its first University next fall.
WikiU was created as a response to the Ontario government’s call for the building of more campuses in the province to serve a growing population. “The creation of a private university run by a not-for-profit website is clearly the movement of the future we’ve been waiting for,” said education minister Liz Sandals (seriously, that’s her name). The location is still up in the air, with the government wanting to put the school in an urban area not yet serviced by a post-secondary institution. This limits it to places such as Elliot Lake, Owen Sound, and Dryden, wherever that is.
The school will continue its parent site’s dedication to crowdsourcing content, with the curriculum and even the construction of the school itself being handled solely by anonymous contributors from various basements around the world. While the task of organizing these people into workable crews for building the school will be a challenge, Wales said that it is accomplishable through the “true spirit of the Wikipedia community”. Submissions for building names have already come in such as “Dickface Hall” and the “Pierre Trudeau Memorial Asshat trolololol”
Other, more established schools such as Queen’s have been critical of this new institution, which is threatening their precious incoming tuition dollars. “WikiU is a disgrace to the grand tradition of exploiting young adults out of thousands of dollars that we can’t even guarantee they’ll ever earn back through a good job”, said University Chancellor James Leech.
WkiU has already received a number of applications from Grade 12s around the world. Said one such student, who wished to remain anonymous, “I really think that this school gets me. By allowing me to build my entire education from scratch, using a hodgepodge of sources from across the web, I think I can come out a more well-rounded and misinformed individual than when I started.”