Word Happiness Day: Top Ten Reasons for Being Happy


This past Friday was International Happiness Day, for those of you who missed it. These days, so many people are stressed from learning, anxious about their marks, and addicted to internet cat videos, that the true meaning of happiness is lost to all but those few lucky Apple kids who happen to multiply 7 by 6 and are struck with an epiphany. For the rest of us, let us take a moment to reflect upon what makes us happy in life; family, friends, internet dog videos…..

I thought about it, and here’s what I came up with:


10.    My roommate got laid last night, so I didn’t have to put up with his snoring

9.    I didn’t get attacked by campus squirrels, die of ebola, or get recruited to ISIS on my way to PressNite

8.    Free pizza

7.    It looks (will look) like spring out there (soon. I swear)

6.    Four pieces

5.    Free hugs on Hug-an-Engineer Day (real ones too, I didn’t have to visit a coke machine!)

4.    School, learning, and the pursuit of knowledge Parties, beer, and the pursuit of chocolate cogro cake

3.    This article, which is letting me procrastinate on all my projects

2.    FRIENDS (Formulated Robotic, Intelligent, Endearing, Notoriously Devious Software -> it’s the closest thing I’ve got, refer to #5)

1.    YOU!! You, dear reader, have made my day by finishing this 🙂


Remember, everyone, in the coming weeks when everyone is stressed and strained to spread around some more coke machines, and free pizza. And dog videos (they’re under-represented). Good Luck!