Your Guide to Interacting with Kingston Police Over Homecoming


We can all agree that Frosh week might have been a little bit over the top. If we want to keep homecoming and avoid another “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” email from Principal Woolf, Queen’s students are going to need to improve their relationship with the Kingston Police Department. We know this is a lot to ask of you, so we’ve prepared some simple tips and tricks for you to follow.
1.During frosh week, Kingston PD handed out over 100 tickets for open alcohol in public areas. This is because people don’t know that if you can chug your drink before the officer finishes writing the ticket, you can’t legally be charged. If you finish before the officer can get out of their cruiser, they are mandated to high-five you for your prowess.
2. Principal Woolf made it clear how dangerous consuming massive amounts of alcohol on the pier is. One misstep, and someone could easily knock your beer into the lake. For this reason, always be sure to finish drinking before heading to the pier to jump into the water while intoxicated.
3. Littering is bad, kids. Instead of throwing red solo cups and bottles on the ground, look for an unlocked car and place them neatly in the back seat. This makes the mess much more manageable. 
4. One of the worst things about homecoming in previous years has been public urination charges. To avoid this problem, The Queen’s Journal has gallantly volunteered to allow people to use their headquarters at 190 University Ave as a washroom for the entirety of the homecoming weekend.
5. Queen’s First Aid notes that the most common cause of injury is accidents happening in the dark. To avoid this problem, start fires! It will keep the streets bright and well lit, as well as providing warmth for you and your friends. 
Follow these easy instructions, and we can avoid the previous years’ mistakes and make the school proud.