Zayn Malik Ruined My Year: A Report



How am I supposed to cope with the tragedy of the century? It is SO not OK that Zayn Malik quit 1D. THEY CAN’T EVEN BE 1 DIRECTION ANYMORE, THEY’RE ONLY 0.8 OF A DIRECTION.

How could Zayn be so selfish? Doesn’t he realize what this is doing to his “In-Zayn Malik Posse”????

Since I found out the news, I’ve been cycling between tweeting “#CutForZayn”, posting videos of myself crying online, commenting on the 1D page threatening Zayn, and eating 5 tubs of ice cream while listening to my separated babes 1D. I’m trying to be strong for my fellow victims, and I’m trying to show support in any way I can.

BUT SERIOUSLY: How am I supposed to go through finals without the comfort of my main bae Zayn?????? Like, I have ONE final in 13 days and this basically just guaranteed that I’m going to fail. Who will sing me the best parts of “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” when my BFF tells me my new mani-pedi doesn’t match my new highlights?

I just want an official apology, that’s all Zayn. You’ve actually ruined my life, and I just want you to realize what you’ve done. If you have anything to say to me, please email me at