10 Things to Expect When Dating An Engineer

We’ve all done it. Against better judgement, the Shine? Allure? Glare? of the purple GPA brings you in. And once you’re in, that’s it. Welcome to the world of things you’ll just never understand and yet a world you’ll never leave. So if you can’t resist (like me) keep in mind the following things to hopefully help you navigate the unknown/bizarre/unpredictable and straight fucked up waters of dating an engineer.

What are you going as for Halloween?

Student Thinks JDUC Tim Hortons Line Might Be Shorter, It’s Not

(An image of a long Tims line. Fuck.)

In a rocking revelation, Sarah Rutherford, a second year economics major, realized that the JDUC Tim Hortons line could possibly be a whole lot faster than the ARC line. This conclusion resulted in increased stress and anticipation for Rutherford, even though the line actually wasn’t shorter at all. This idea came to her suddenly when she was about to pass the Pizza Pizza in line.

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My "Most Used Emoji" Truth

Halloween Comic

Halloween Costumes

Cody's Comic 5108

The Official Unofficial Torontonian Dictionary

Toronto ON, Canada, also know as “the 6ix” or “tdot” or “yo fahm alie gonna reach here my base fahm, mans tryina touch” is a city of many beautiful parks, people, buildings, and of course, their beautiful language. If you had trouble perfectly translating the above Torontonian, and you’re planning on reaching, this dictionary will surely help you converse with the city’s wonderful people.

Top 6 Most Hated People In The World 2015/2016 (Number 4 will leave you speechless)

Just like every year there always manages to be some scum pop up in the news. This article is dedicated to them.

Martin Shkreli



What are you going as for Halloween?