Cody's Comic 5104

The Unappreciated Gem that is #FreeTheSack

Nowadays, social movements can be thrown together by any angsty 14 year-old with a laptop. I, for one, feel that #FreeTheSack is a movement that has not received the attention it deserves.

The Life and Death of Yik Yak

Remember that app, Yik Yak? Yeah good times - from late night thirsty yaks of failed attempts of hookups, sharing vulgar jokes (that are only acceptable while hiding behind the mask of anonymity), tosharing frustration over relatable life troubles, there was always something to read while procrastinating in Stauffer (i.e. sitting on the toilet in Stauff). In August this year the app decided to up and explode itself by getting rid of many of the features that made the app unique. So this special report is here to cover the life and death of the little app that could.

Relationship Advice from an Alpha Male

You and your girlfriend have been together for 5 months and are finally starting to think about doing the deed. However, she’s not quite sure if she’s ready to take this next crucial step in your relationship. While you could simply take the easy route and find an uglier girlfriend, you want to know if there is some way to cash in on your 5 month investment. Look at you, investing yourself in relationships and shit. I, in fact, used to be like you too. Since you are so firmly set on your choice, I will do my best to guide you through the difficult path you have chosen.

I'm a Jerk in Public, so What's the Big Deal if I Jerk it?

Ok guys, I’ve got a bone to pick, and it’s about picking bones. I mean seriously, what’s all the fuss about having a little jerk while you’re out and about? Let’s break this down.
Masturbation is a totally natural behaviour, period. We all have those urges, and sometimes when it gets too hard to handle, you gotta handle what’s hard.
So why is masturbation such a touchy subject? Why is “whipping it out” a bad thing?

Oprah's Book Club

This month, Oprah’s book club will be reading
Anthony Susanby’s The Masculine Mystique.
This acclaimed author has previously penned such
masterworks as Anthony Susanby’s The Eight Habits of Highly Effective Men,
Anthony Susanby’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Badass Dad and
Anthony Susanby’s Men Are From Mars, Which Is Why We Kick Ass.
In his latest and boldest effort, Anthony Susanby tackles
such issues as man-hate in the media, the psychology of men,
manipulation of men by the system and the plight of
suburban fathers in America.

Notorious G.O.D. Amasses Cult-Like Following After Untimely Death

One of the greatest (G.O.A.T. status yet to be determined, as it is currently being contested by deceased boxer Muhammed Ali) and most influential lyricists, the Notorious G.O.D. has passed away this Tuesday in the year of our him, 2016.

My Adventures Riding The Final Frontier

I consider myself a connoisseur of the phallus. As both a honest lover of the male form and a relative latecomer to the sexual theatre at the spinster-bound age of 20, I have made it my goal to catch up with my peers the months, nay years, that I spent picking scabs on my legs, rather than seeking out the perfect schlong.

The Small Soft Supple But Substantial Difference Between Fuckboy and Fucboi

Millennials. Memes. Pictures of dogs. how many? Unlimited. The world today is a crazy place haha! I mean who’s to say what the next zany trend is going to be?

But hey guys, before I get into the heavy theory of it all let’s just all take out our phones, re-download vine, open the app, and then please follow me on vine @QueenLearBBGurl - its got some pretty good vines, they’re like OK, I don’t know it’s just like me and my friends haha aghhh it’s whatever actually :P

Kington's Popular Animal Justice Initiatives

In wake of the recent slaughter of our lord-and-saviour Harambe, animal rights and the protection of endangered species have enjoyed a much-memed turn in the spotlight. You’ve already had the chance to Rage for Harambe and commemorate our OG silverback daddy with a somber, respectful candlelight vigil. If you’re still up for saving the planet one majestic creature at a time, check out these other events in the Kingston community.

Dicks Out for Kittys



How screwed are you for exams?

I have exams?
Due to some quirk of Engineering Physics I have an exam every day for the next three weeks so yeah
I am doing work for the first time this semester and that terrifies me
Honestly, I'm kinda good