June 20, 2024

About Us

Golden Words is a satirical newspaper run by students, for students that provides laughs all the way from nose blows to chortles to everything in between. Our newspaper is entertaining, allows any student to get involved, and discusses real world topics with a spin. Our team creates and sends out newspapers every week of the academic year, totalling to 24 editions.

There is a very welcoming, fun, and collaborative community and culture surrounding Golden Words. Students love to hang copies on their walls, quote memorable zingers and one-liners from articles and editorials, and send in their own article submissions and pictures. Although Golden Words is satirical, we don’t just write about funny toilet jokes. Through comedy, writers comment on the political landscape and general social scene of the Engineering Society, Queen’s University, and the world, to bring recognition to how silly things really are.

Our Team

The Golden Words team is comprised of two Editors/Head Managers, a Business and Operations Manager, a Marketing Manager and a Distribution Manager.

Hilary Bassi, Editor

Eagan Tormey, Editor

Golden Words welcomes and encourages students of all experience levels, faculties, and disciplines to join us at our Pressnites every Sunday from 12 – 6 pm to write articles. We live to entertain, and we entertain to live. Our goal this year is to entertain like never before with an increased online presence, more outreach, and more inclusivity.